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This website is managed by “” based in Funchal, Madeira Island, Portugal.

We bring you this Privacy Policy to help you understand what can be done with the personal information that we obtain. By supplying your personal information to “”, means that you accept our Privacy Policy and agree that we can collect, use and make divulge your personal information as described in this Privacy Policy. If you do not agree with this statement, please do not provide your personal data. This Privacy Policy is incorporated and is part of the Usage Terms and Sales and Shipping Policy that determine how our service runs. We will only use your private information for the terms described below:

We may need to update this Privacy Policy from time to time. We recommend that you regularly check this page to ensure that you have read the most recent version.


Legal age to buy

You must not supply your personal data if you are not in a legal age to drink alcohol in your country. We do not intend to gather personal information from individuals that are not old enough to buy or commercialize alcoholic beverages. If by warning or we believe that someone that is not old enough to drink provided us personal information we will do what we can to remove that information from our files or mark that information so it cannot be used again.

What is personal information?

The personal data about an identifiable person, as it is defined by law. It does not include information that gathered does not allow a person identification.

Gather Personal Information

You may decide which personal information you intend for provide “”. We only gather information that you choose to provide to us. Whenever possible, we will allow you to select how we use that information. (Newsletter, Special offers, etc.)

By supplying any personal information to “”, you completely understand and consent with transferring that information, as the collection and treatment of that information in other countries or territories. Any transfer a processing by part of de “” is according this Privacy Policy.


Cookie Usage

A "cookie" is a small data file that the server sends to the browser while you visit the website. Cookie usage help us to support certain aspects of the website. You can delete the cookies at any time.

We may use cookie information for the following:

1. Keeping track of our website visits, for example, the IP address of the network you access from, the browser and operating system that were used to access the website, the date and time of your access to the website.

2. To recognize repeating visitors for statistics / analytics purpose.

3. Anonymous monitoring of interaction with the online advertising, for example, to control the number of times a banner is displayed and the number of times it is clicked.


We can connect the information we gather from cookies with other personal identifying information that you supply “”. We may use that for:

1. Personalize your website experience, for example, so that we may greet you using your name.

2. To make transactions.

3. To control your usage of our website, to make our communications more relevant to you, for example, by sending relevant commercial emails about products you see more often or to let you know about some areas of the website you have not yet visited.

We can connect the information we gather from cookies with other personal identifying informations that you supply “”. We may use that for:

1. Personalize your website experience, for example, so that we may greet you using your namee.

2. To make transactions.

3. To control your usage of our website, to make our communications more relevant to you, for example, by sending relevant commercial emails about products you see more often or to to let you know about some areas of the website you have not yet visited.

We can compile and communicate to third parties (like advertisers) combined statistics about our users in terms of numbers, traffic patterns and website related information.

Personal Information Usage

We may use or make public some personal information in the following format:

Marketing communications: We may use your personal information to communicate with you about our products or services, from our subsidiaries or affiliates. You will also have the change to cancel the communication any time we communicate with you. You can also stop receiving that information at any time (see below).


Marketing analysis: We may use the information to analyse in the internal market, for example, to evaluate the tendencies among the consumers or to measure the amount of traffic to our websites. We can also share non personal information with others, such as announcers, in an anonymous and compiled way, which means that the information will not contain personal information about an identifiable person. We can just share information that identifies a person with your consent.


Transactions: We may use your personal information to answer your questions and solicitations and to administrate transactions, such as credit card payments, to any orders made in our website, in any of our agents to complete those transactions (for example, delivery). The personal information that you provide may be used by an authorized salesman to fulfil that order.


Third party offers: We may send to carefully chose organizations to send promotional marketing material and information of your interest. In these circumstances, your personal information can be shared with those organizations, that are regulated with confidentiality and personal information restrains. Before allowing a third party to send you any of those communications, we will ask for your permission.

Public areas (or interactive) of our websites: The information that you share in public areas of our website (for example, chat rooms, panels and group discussions) are generally accessible, and may be used by others and may result in unsolicited messages or any other kind of contact. The users of our website are encouraged to be cautious about the information about themselves in public or in these areas of the website. 


Sell or transfer: In case of a sale, fusion, consolidation, change of control, substantial active transfer, financing, reorganization, or settlement,  “” can sell, transfer or give access to third parties of information that you provided and that can identify you and your association with the website.


Legal purpose: “” may collect, use, divulge your personal information, if allowed by law when we see such action is necessary to detect, protect, defend ourselves our third parties against errors, negligence, breach of contract, theft, fraud and other illegal or harmful activities, to the extent our legal and contractual obligations.

Personal Information Divulgation

Besides what is referred above in this document, we may also use personal information for:

a) Our suppliers and sub-contractors, including affiliates, recruited to perform activities under the name “” or provide services to us, such as storage and delivery, marketing and advertising, tech services, software development, website hosting, information technology management and office services, legal services, accounting and auditing, among other professional service providers. As long as they do not use or make public personal information to any other activity that the services they provide to "" or to what it is demanded by law;

b) A person or entity, including our affiliates, to who advertising is necessary, to abide to one or more of the usages described above.

c) A person that, in our reasonable judgement is supplying or looking for information as authorized or legal agent from the individual in question.

d) Any third party with their consent when the information is required or allowed by law.

Your acceptance of the Terms and Conditions of the website, which include this Privacy Policy, constitute the concession of the consent to use and sharing of your personal information to the activities referred above.



We take safety very seriously and count with our service suppliers to keep your personal information safe- We have out in practice the appropriate physical procedures, electronic and management to keep safe the information that we collect. We don’t have any control over the privacy of any e-mail communication while it is on or way to reach us. We recommend that you do not include confidential data or sensitive information in the e-mails.

In the unlikely case that we believe that the security of your personal information in our control or that the website has been compromised, we can try to notify you. If a notification is the best thing to do, we will try to notify you as fast as we can, according to the circumstances, and if we have your e-mail address we will try to notify you using e-mail.


We remember you that according to the Conditions and Politics of this website that include this Privacy Policy, you are responsible to keep your password confidential, and you are responsible to any activity made under your account. It is your only responsibility to control the dissemination and the use of your password, in controlling the access and usage of your account and to inform when you wish to cancel your account. We will not take responsibility to any loss or damage recurring of your failure in this obligation.


Termination, Access and more Information

When you need or when the law requires to, we will confirm personal information that we have about you, update the information, remove your information and eventually correct imprecise information.


If you want to cancel your account in “” please select "Contact-us" from the website menu and choose Client Support, stating your intention.


The website may contain links or references to other websites that are out of our control. Be aware that we do not have control over those websites and that our Privacy Policy does not apply to these websites. We encourage you to read the Privacy Policy and Usage terms of the websites you enter.


This Privacy policy is supplemented by additional legal requirements in the place of jurisdiction where our headquarters are.

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