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Any usage from your part of the website managed by Abide - Comércio Artigos de Artesanato Bijouterias e Decoração, Lda in “madeirasouvenirs.com” is subject by your acceptance of these terms, including our Privacy Policy and Sales and Shipping Policy. If you do not agree with any of these conditions please do not use “madeirasouvenirs.com” or its contents and all the information it contains. The usage of this website implies total acceptance with every one of the terms written below. The “Terms and conditions of use” may be updated by “madeirasouvenirs.com”, even without the user receiving a formal notice of the changes.


User Obligations

The user of the website “madeirasouvenirs.com” makes itself accountable for:

a) Voluntary or involuntary breach the applicable applicable laws or regulations.

b) Cannot use or alter areas of the website “madeirasouvenirs.com which are not public, as well as the computers used by this website. Those who somehow try to breach these areas may be subject to legal action.

c) You can visit the website and are authorized to print copies of material for your personal and non-commercial usage. You also may not reproduce, transmit, execute publicly, adapt, translate, modify, gather or share or with anyone or create work based on the website, or make commercial use of it without our previous written consent. All other rights are reserved.


About the sale of alcoholic beverages

“madeirasouvenirs.com” does not sell alcoholic beverages to people under the age of 21 years old. By using this website and supplying all the required elements you compromise to supply genuine data. If anyhow you supply an age that is not true, a “madeirasouvenirs.com” will not be held accountable by the consequences of those actions.


Contents supplied by third parties

Any opinion, news, advices, indications, services, offerings, events or any information where “madeirasouvenirs.com” is mentioned and were not made by “madeirasouvenirs.com” are the total responsibility of the third parties and not “madeirasouvenirs.com” , including information from its suppliers and users.

The place may contain discussion groups, news, bulletins and other interactive services. “madeirasouvenirs.com” may or not actively monitor its usage. As a result, you may be exposed to incoherent, fraud or deceiving content or censurable content. Your usage of these areas is made under your own risk. 

However, “madeirasouvenirs.com” reserves the right, but is not obligated to monitor or message spaces and remove or alter any content which you may be considered by our own exclusive criteria to be breaching our terms of use. “madeirasouvenirs.com” may restrain, suspend or terminate the usage of these services where we believe its usage may have breached the rules.


The following examples constitute a bad usage of our message spaces:


  • Use our services to any unsuitable, illicit or immoral ends, causing disruptions by its usage of the services or even compromise the functionality of our services;
  • Use our services to create, host or transit (whether on the message spaces or any other way) defamatory material, offensive, obscene, or perform activities that may cause offense to others based on their race, religion, beliefs or sex;
  • Use our services to harm or try to harm minors in any way;
  • Use our services to create, host or transmit any material that threaten or encourage violence, destruction of property or to generate action that breaches the law in any way;
  • Use our services to create, host or transmit that may breach copyright, brands, patents or any third party property;
  • Use our services to create, host or transmit unsolicited advertising material to other users;
  • Ouse our services to create, host or transmit any material that harass someone;
  • Use our services to make fake offers, deceiving and fraud offers to buy or sell products, services or to send chains or pyramid schemes;
  • Add, remove or modify identifying information about the network header or information about management of author rights, including author names, publication dates, getting names of agencies in an attempt to deceive or induce in error;
  • Use our services to access or try to access accounts belonging to other persons or to penetrate or try to penetrate our security measures, or even third party security measures, software, hardware, electronic communication system or telecommunication systems;
  • Use our services to gather data, or try do gather personal information about third parties without their consent  or to execute "screen scraping", "database scraping" or any other technique to obtain user data or any other data;
  • Use of our services to perform any activity that damage someone else from using internet services, including but not limited to "flooding", "Dos" and hacking;
  • The sale, redistribution or re-assembling of any services provided by us or our licensed partners, without our written consent; 
  • Personify anyone or using fake identity that you are not authorized to use;
  • Incentive, condemn or encourage to drink in non-authorized age, driving drunk or consume alcoholic beverages in an excessive quantity;
  • Reveal any personal information about you or any other person (for example, phone numbers, geographic location, or any other information that may result in contact);


This list is only to provide some examples and does not intend to be a complete list of usage that we consider not acceptable, it is only to provide some examples of bad usage of our services. Breaching the terms may result in restriction of usage, suspension or definitive denial of usage of our website to the person breaching the terms. Due to the global nature of the Internet, the users agree to follow all the local rules regarding internet usage and acceptable behaviour.


We are not responsible to maintain your messages and we may destroy or delete them at any moment.


No warranties

This website is provided "as is", and the full responsibility of its usage is entirely of its users, so use it at your own risk. Us, the representatives, directors, employees, agents and concessionaries reject, to the maximum allowed by law, every express and implied warranty, including but not limited to any commercialization warranties, suitability to a specific usage, title and non-violation. “madeirasouvenirs.com” does not guarantee that the website  will be free of viruses, always available or that the contents are precise. Even though security measures are enforced to secure the website, you must acknowledge that the Internet is not totally safe and we do not provide implicit or explicit warranty that any kind of information or material that you publish or transmit through our website is secure against unauthorized access. If you are unsatisfied with the website, your only solution is to stop using it.


No responsibility

The maximum allowed by law, we, our representatives, directors, employees, agents and concessionaries, are not responsible to any loss, cost or damage (direct, indirect, consequential, or other) suffered by you as a result of your usage of “madeirasouvenirs.com” or of any virus transmitted through the website, or any other website accessed through this one, that any loss, cost or damage comes from our negligence or any other way, even that “madeirasouvenirs.com” has advise you of it.



In the website “madeirasouvenirs.com” there may be links to other websites. In this case the user recognizes and agrees that “madeirasouvenirs.com” is not, in any way, responsible of any part or content of these linked websites.



You compensate “madeirasouvenirs.com” against any losses, damages or expenses on us, caused by you usage of the website, its services or any information accessible in the website, including information obtained from other websites, sending or transmitting information or materials, regulations and rules. We reserve the right to defend and control exclusively any compensation that comes from these acts, and any subjects about compensation and that you will fully cooperate with “madeirasouvenirs.com” in any of these defences.


Protection of contents supplied by “madeirasouvenirs.com”

All the texts, graphics, logos, icons, images and other audio or software that exist in “madeirasouvenirs.com” belongs to a Abide - Comércio Artigos de Artesanato Bijouterias e Decoração, Lda or to its suppliers, advertisers or other referenced entities.  By this, any content of “madeirasouvenirs.com” may only be used with authorization by its owners.


Complaints about breaching Copyright laws

“madeirasouvenirs.com” respects third parties intellectual property. We ask our users to the same. If you verify that some content on our website breaches copyright, we appreciate that you contact us through our contact page, using our store e-mail. Describe in the message the content that you think we are breaching copyright and where it is placed.


Privacy Policy

Your usage of the website “madeirasouvenirs.com” is managed by its privacy policy.


General conditions

These terms of usage, Privacy policy and Sales and shipping policy constitute the agreement between you and “madeirasouvenirs.com” regarding its products and services and replace any other previous promises, representatives, agreements and declarations and any other understanding between us.

The user of the website “madeirasouvenirs.com” agrees that alterations may be made by “madeirasouvenirs.com”, without every user being notified. By using “madeirasouvenirs.com” each user is responsible by action according the applicable local laws.

By us not executing or applying any right present on the terms of usage does not mean that we decline that right or provision.

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